Mobiles and Stabiles are constructed from many different materials. Metal is traditional, but wood, paper, and plastic are some of the other materials employed.
MobileStabile Artists
Julie Frith
Bruce Gray
G. Christopherson
Robert Harrison
John E. Stallings
Alexander Calder

Stabiles and hanging mobiles were fisrt created by American artist, Alexander Calder (1898 - 1976). By the early 1940’s, Calders idea for monumental works was actualized. Arp suggested the term stabiles to describe the abstract creations of heavily bolted steel, based on standard ship building techniques. The stabiles, even though they are stationary, have an implied, lyrical movement. Calder began to change the very concept of public art. His stabiles gave lackluster public spaces a human touch. - 1999-2010 - All Rights Reserved